Want Next Level Confidence?

Want Next Level Confidence?

If you want to take this to the next level and fast track your results, set this as a reminder on your phone calendar to alert you of this statement each day or several times a day.

Look back on your past.

We all made terrible mistakes.

We all made mistakes with money, with people, with relationships with business, we’ve made mistakes.

The reality is every single one of those “mistakes” is a lesson that you can learn from, evolve from, and grow from.

And one of the things you really want to be aware of is “Who are you trying to get permission from in your life?” And for what?

What are you looking for permission for? Permission to do? Permission to feel? Permission to be?

Why are you looking for permission?

Are there people on social media that you’re trying to get their permission from?

Their approval may never come. Sit with that thought for a moment. If you don’t get their approval how does that make you feel?

And it’s also a very shallow thing to be doing - constantly seeking the approval of others.

If we think about it, this is a very complicated and tough challenge I’m going to be asking you to go through right now.

Start looking throughout your day.

Throughout your week.

You’ll notice over the course of a month, it may change.

There may be different people or things you do that have been habits, or you may call them traditions. You need to become aware of these and start questioning why using the belief reset process.

Because if you can’t give yourself permission, how else will other people give you permission?

Because most of us are acting no better than a seven-year-old child. Living our lives as a child trying to not get hurt. How much longer are you going to allow that 7-year-old version of yourself to control your life?

So you’re allowing other seven-year-olds running around in this world to try to determine if you have permission to do something.

When you say it like that, it sounds a little crazy right?

Well, that’s the truth.

One of the things you really want to work out is how you can step into your identity.

And it may require you to create a new identity for yourself. And a lot of us never had the chance to create an identity because our identities got forged or created for us because of what happened in our childhood. Or because of the people around us during our childhood.

Most identities and beliefs are set in a child by age seven.

That means all of the actions you did or didn’t take when you were a young child determined your current beliefs.

Here’s a silly one.

The Lady that Stole my Joy

I remember as a young child we were in a hotel parking lot. We’re waiting to leave this hotel because we’re on a family vacation. And I was goofing around with my brothers. You know, those flat shopping trolleys that you can carry luggage with.

We were goofing around on one of those trolleys. We were pushing each other around the parking garage because there were three cars in this entire garage. Were young boys and we wereriding around, standing on it, and using it like a skateboard.

And I can remember that there was a little old lady down towards the elevator who started yelling at us. And for some reason, I turned this experience into a belief. Can you guess what the belief was?

It became “I can’t have fun and enjoy myself, otherwise, I’ll get in trouble.”

So if I don’t want to get in trouble, I can’t have fun and enjoy life.

So for the longest time in my life, we’d go out and do things that were fun. And I’d find myself resisting, not enjoying it. Failing to experience true joy in moments because some little old lady might yell at me.

I would put off going on vacation. Even when I was walking around Disney, I would find myself not smiling! Disney is meant to be the happiest place on earth.

I would rather work than take time off. Because time off meant I was having fun.

I would rather be working than spending time with my family and enjoying ourselves.

Because if I enjoyed myself, I’d get in trouble and someone would yell at me.

You may think, well, Ben, that sounds pretty stupid.

I’m like, yeah, it’s a stupid belief. And we’ve all got them.

And I had it because some lady yelled at me when I was about six years old, something as simple as that. Caused me to create a belief that stopped me from enjoying life. I carried this belief and let it control me for 25 years.

That’s stupid!

I’ll admit it.

A lot of our core beliefs are completely crazy and stupid.

And one of the things you want to think about is what are the beliefs I have?

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