Understand the Behavior Intelligence Framework

The Behavior Sales Intelligence Framework uses Proprietary Body Language machine learning algorithms along with over 100 different types of Linguistic analysis. The linguistic models we use have been referenced in over 16,000 research papers. With these models at the core of the Behavior Sales Intelligence framework, you gain new insights into your conversation data.

The Behavior Sales Framework can perform text analysis on any text with 50 characters or more. More text will increase the accuracy of the analysis. Personality Analysis requires 350 words.

Personality - DISC

DISC is a versatile psychological framework designed to help leaders understand how people in their organizations relate to their peers and work with each other.

DISC is typically defined by four DISC styles, each representing a style of interacting with one’s environment:

  • D is normally referred to as dominant; D-type people tend to be ambitious, active, bold leaders;
  • I is alternately referred to as influence or inducement; I-type people lead through connections, creativity, and collaboration;
  • S is called stable, submissive, steady, or supportive; S-type people tend to be faithful, modest, methodical workers who value relationships; and
  • C is labeled compliant, conscientious, or cautious; C-type people prefer to do their jobs accurately, unobtrusively, and impersonally.

A person’s score on the four DISC styles is derived from their scores on two dimensions that describe how people relate to and work with their peers:

  • Boldness vs. Calmness; and
  • People vs. Task-Focused

Having dual measures for each axis allows us to accurately assess balanced people who have traits aligned with each side of a continuum (for example, someone who is ambitious and reserved). Those nuances would be obscured in one-dimensional measures, which would incorrectly group balanced people with individuals who are low on both ends of an axis (for example, neither interested in people nor tasks).

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