Predicting Personality Types

Predicting Personality Types

Here is a tip for predicting personality types in daily conversations.

For people with whom you already know, it can be as simple as reflecting on your experiences with them.

Ask yourself:

  1. Is the person fast-paced and outspoken, or more cautious and reflective?
  2. Is the person accepting and warm, or more questioning and skeptical?

Your answers to these questions will help you determine the different personality types:

  • Fast-paced/outspoken, and warm/accepting is a Peacock “I” personality.
  • Fast-paced/outspoken, and questioning/skeptical is an Eagle “D” personality.
  • Cautious/reflective and warm/accepting is a Dove “S” personality.
  • Cautious/reflective and questioning/skeptical is an Owl “C” personality.

How asking someone how their day has been can reveal their personality.

The next time you speak to your customer, simply ask them how their day is going.

  • If your customer gives you a short, concise, answer that’s a bit more colorful than the fact-driven reply of a C (possibly in a rough tone that indicates they aren’t worried about building rapport), your customer is a D personality.
  • Your customer might reply with a long, wordy story about themself. If they use lots of adjectives, descriptions, and some hyperbole, and don’t ask how your day is going, your customer is “I” personality.
  • Your customer might give you a wordy warm answer, using language about the team and the company rather than “I” statements. If your customer does this, then asks how your day is going, your customer is an S personality.
  • If your customer gives you a short, concise, and exact answer, using facts and data, your customer is a C personality.

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