Personality Profiling

Personality Profiling

The Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is the opposite of how you want to communicate.


Because this imposes your personality style and traits onto others. Which is destined to cause communication breakdowns. This is the biggest communication or sales mistake.

Speaking to others the way YOU want to be spoken to is a guaranteed approach that leaves people feeling like you don’t understand them.

Because there are four (4) core personality styles you are just one of the four types. Everyone else is not just like you, they are unique and have a different personality type with unique traits.

Have you ever met someone that you instantly didn’t like?

This person could have been the opposite of your personality style and because of that, your communication styles did not match.

Have you ever worked with someone that you find difficult to work with because they work faster or slower than you?

This person has a different personality style to you and even though you can work together on the task at hand it’s not enjoyable.

Here’s a real-life example of the difference between how I go grocery shopping and how my wife goes grocery shopping. The way I go shopping drives my wife crazy! Based on this story can you
guess which Bird personality styles we are?

Our grocery shopping starts with the list. My wife Amber needs to plan our meals for two nights so Amber knows what’s happening for the next 4 nights. Everything has been planned out for the week based on what activities we are doing, who we are meeting and how we will be feeling based on what activities we are doing.

Amber makes me a list of things we need at home. I’ve learned I need to make a list and take it with me to make Amber happy. Even though I’ll often make a list discussing meals and then leave
the house without it.

Discussing meals and having to come up with a meal plan drives me a little crazy since I’m the one that needs to make the final decision anyway based on who’s cooking the meal. I’m happy to
work out what’s for dinner 1 hour before the meal.

Amber plans to leave the house if Amber’s shopping, she doesn’t like to do it because Amber doesn’t like dealing with people because it’s exhausting.

When I’m leaving the house I use the saying “testicles, spectacles, wallet & watch” and prepare to walk out the door. That’s usually followed by an “oh, crap” because I forgot to grab the reusable
grocery bags.

When I get to the grocery depending on if I’m having to go to one store or two I pretty much have a routine. I’ll hit the car wash on the way to Costco and I’ll check if I need fuel. When I get to Publix
I’ll proceed into the fruit & vegetable section. Walking past the specials in the deli and the hot food bar. Depending on what’s in the hot food bar might mean there’s a treat for Ben or not.

As I look at the grocery list, which I use as a suggested list. Because if there is some food on display that looks good. I’ll change what’s for dinner which drives Amber a little crazy since that was
not what we planned.

As I proceed up and down each of the isles it’s like a mini adventure seeing what products are on the shelves. Because I enjoy finding new snacks or food that we can enjoy.

Since the grocery list is just a suggestion, I’ll always come home with products that are not on the list. Because how can you not?

That’s a quick summary of how I go grocery shopping, which Bird personality style do you think I am? Maybe you can relate to this story, or maybe just reading this story makes you scream in pain.
Make a mental note of those feelings and emotions and we will discuss them soon.

Let me explain how Amber shops. Amber has her grocery list and uses this to define how Amber maneuvers the store. Amber hates just wandering the isles and doesn’t want to be in an isle that is
not needed. The goal is to be in and out in as little time as possible. And it’s certainly not to buy anything that is not on the list.

Based on these details which Bird personality would you classify Amber as?

There are four core personality types under the BIRD (DISC) method I’m going to share with you. Yes, there are 16 derivatives based on the primary and secondary types. However, you don’t need
to worry about the 16 types if you can master the core four birds.

Self-awareness is the fastest method of transformation.

This requires you to become aware of your own personality style and associated traits. Your personality style is the lens through which you view the world. Therefore, if you have not recently completed a DISC assessment it’s time to complete one.

Your personality style is the lens you view the world.
Your beliefs are how you filter information.
Your behavioral awareness is how you react.

If you don’t want to complete a full assessment right now, you can email and the team will send your personalized Behavior Insights Profile.

Behavior Insights can convert an email address into a full predictive personality
profile without the need for a personality assessment. Claim yours today!

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