Personality By Design


One of the things I came across when researching personality by design was a government project called Project Artichoke.

This CIA Project Artichoke was all about how you could intentionally reprogram your personality with anything you want. Of course this became of interest to me as I wanted to maximize my performance.

Imagine, you could remove traits that you don’t like or you don’t want. Or things that aren’t paying off the way you’re working out; the way you want.

What type of traits or personality quirks would you add?

I’d highly recommend you take a minute to create a quick list of traits you which you had in your personality.

Personality by Design Wish List:

If you are stuck with your wishlist on the left write what you don’t want. Then on the right, write the opposite of the negative trait that’s on the left. This will help you to create a personality wish list.

The fact is you can design your personality to have everything you want on your wishlist. There’s a framework for designing personality and the CIA has been testing and using it for years. This framework is what I call personality by design.

I can help you design your personality, and create the personality you want, and put it in place. Just like the Jason Bourne movies.

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