Personality Based Pitching

Personality-Based Pitching

Personalize Your Sales Pitch

When speaking with your leads/clients understand their personality type and how that impacts their decision-making process.

Therefore, this allows you to vary your sales pitch to support the people you’re speaking with.

This is important if you’re speaking with more than one- decision maker. Each of those people will have a unique personality style. It’s common for each party to be the opposite of the other. Therefore,
you need to understand how to handle that.

This is important to understand if the person you’re speaking with is not the decision maker but a gatekeeper or part of the project team. If this person needs to pitch to the decision maker, how do
you empower them to do this correctly based on the personality type of the decision maker.

What most salespeople do now is spending time stalking people’s social media profiles to find points of interest to create rapport.

When you sell based on personality type you can skip this step completely because you will create rapport and trust instantly by authentically connecting to their personality style.

Personality-Based Sales Conversations

There are many sales processes that aren’t a one-call close. This is
what’s called a complex sale or multiple-step sales process. For example, I was speaking with a client the other day, and they mentioned that their sales process requires on average 30 sales conversations with multiple parties over 6 months. Therefore anyone of these conversations can sabotage your sales and most salespeople fail to identify this.

That’s why I created the Sales Insights Report This allows you to analyze every sales conversation to identify over 100 linguistic patterns. For example, do you have
influence over the person you’re speaking with? Without influence, your ability to close the sale is much harder.

Sales Insights will also show you the buying trigger words (adjectives) used by each of the people you’re speaking with. These words are important for you to use in your follow-up and further
conversations because it shows you what’s most important to your lead. This also instantly communicates to your lead that you heard what they are saying. This type of awareness instantly creates trust and rapport. There is nothing better than the feeling of being understood and feeling connected with someone.

There are over 100 different types of analysis performed by Sales Insights all designed to help you close sales faster. Helping you to understand the unspoken so you don’t miss an opportunity. Ensuring that you don’t subconsciously sabotage your sales.

Learn more about the insights we can provide you with at

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