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Table of Contents

Why This Book?

Focus is Currency!

Focus Phrases that Captivate Attention

The Secret to Business Success

Hacking People

The manual for hacking people to get what you want.
Personality Profiling
4 Birds of Personality Profiling
Eagle - Liberty - Dominance (D type)
The Eagle personality type traits
Owl - Brains - Calculating | Cautious (C type)
The Owl personality type traits
Owl personality type careers & work
Peacock - Vegas - Interactive | Inspiring (I type)
The Peacock personality type traits
Peacock personality type careers & work
Dove - Harmony - Steadiness | Supportive (S type)
The Dove personality type traits
Dove personality type careers & work

Bird-Based Sales

Detecting Your Buyer’s Personality Style
Predicting Personality Types
Determining Personality Styles by Email
How Each Type of Buyer Responds to Cold Outreach

How Personality Improves Sales Conversions?

Personality-Based Lead Generation.
Personality Based Pitching
Personality-Based Sales Conversations

Limiting Beliefs

Rules when resetting your beliefs.
Belief Reset Formula
Belief Reset Game #1
Identify Sabotaging Beliefs

Confidence Reset Hypnosis

Hypnosis Activity

Close with Confidence

Destroy Limiting Beliefs

Personality By Design

Confidence Pendulum

Money Mindset

Non-Verbal Context

Behaviors to Watch

The 3-Step Sales Script
3-Step Sales Script Explainer.