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There’s a whole lot of stuff out there. From the likes of “The Law of Attraction” to “Think and Grow Rich” all the way through the “Self-help Industry” which speaks a lot about social resonance.

Milton Anderson spoke a lot about social resonance. If you play a C on piano, it’ll resonate and it’ll attract things that sound the same level, play the same level and bounce back the same sound
waves. We know that this happens from a phenomenal level at using light, using energy. There’s something that’s going on and we all communicate unconsciously.

Your physical state influences your mental state. Said another way your body language influences your mental state. Becoming aware of how your body reacts to situations in your life allows you influence yours and others mental states.

We want to become aware of our mental state and our physical state. Be aware of what we are unconsciously communicating. I know that sounds harder than you may have thought. And you’d
be like, well, how the hell do I do that?

Great work on turning that into a how-action based statement. See you are smart and powerful you’ve already started applying what you’ve read in this book!

The real secret to all of this is awareness. The more you become aware of yourself including your personality style. You will start to ask yourself why am I feeling this way?

  • Why am I angry?
  • Why is it disappointing?

You know the dishes are really bothering me. The dishes in the sink have not been washed in two days. Go wash the dishes then. Get that thought out of your head. And you’ll be amazed how your
energy changes.

A lot of people say that when you clean your office, get things off your desk, and you have a clean desk you just feel better. If things around you aren’t such a mess. You feel happier. You feel cleaner.
And that’s part of what I call the gut feeling check. Because there are several factors that really influence your unconscious factors.

I have an assessment where you can run through continuously to see where you’re at. See the things you want to hold yourself accountable too. A great checklist to do once a week. To do with your team to find out where they’re mentally at. If you fail to deal with the thoughts in the back of your mind, you will pay the price in several ways.

Claim your digital version of this assessment along with the bonus book resources at

Beliefs Assessment

Answer questions with 1 being low or don’t agree and 5 being highly agree.


My ability to maintain the cleanliness of my environment
My ability to never leave a mess
My ability to handle disorganization immediately (never walk past a mess)
My ability to maintain a clear workspace
My ability to remove items from my vehicle upon exiting
My ability to prioritize tasks that allow my future self to thrive in an organized and clean environment
My ability to create routines that support organizatIon
My ability to inspire others to follow my behavior
My ability to maintain an organized electronic ecosystem for myself
My ability to remain focused on the ‘health’ of my environment when stressors are present
My ability to maintain control over my desires to ‘leave it until tomorrow’ when it comes to picking up


My ability to maintain a schedule
My ability to plan the week in advance
My ability to set goals and divide them into milestones
The likelihood I will frequently review my goals and milestones
The likelihood I will review my calendar or planner at the beginning of each day
My ability to say ‘no’ when lower-priority requests or tasks are presented to me
My ability to set clear priorities, and accomplish them in order
My ability to avoid feeling overwhelmed
My ability to experience ‘calm enjoyment’ during tasks that I would rather not do
My ability to experience ‘calm enjoyment’ in busy times

My ability to eat healthy foods despite my desire to do otherwise
My ability to maintain a hygiene regimen on a daily basis
My appearance as it relates to authority figures in my culture
My overall physical appearance of health
The range a stranger would estimate as my health if only given a photo of me

SOCIAL 1-5 Grade

My ability to converse with people I don’t know
My ability to converse with people of higher ‘status’ than mine
My ability to make new friends through in-person interactions
My ability to admit fault when I’m wrong
My ability to accept compliments from others gracefully
My ability to introduce people
My ability to tell a good story
My ability to make small talk to build rapport
My comfort with overseeing a person or group of ‘new’ people I don’t know well
My ability to ask a neighbor I don’t know well to turn the music down without a fight
My ability to make a stranger laugh
My ability to be vulnerable and open in conversatIons
My ability to address difficult situatIons with people close to me
My ability to address difficult conversations with people at work
My ability to stay present and ‘out of my head’ during conversations
My ability to issue orders when it’s appropriate
My ability to ask a stranger for a favor

My ability to manage finances, and plan for the future
My ability to focus spending on my future happiness
My ability to resist impulse purchases
My ability to pay bills on time or early
My ability to maintain a high credit score
My ability to stay out of undue credit

Beliefs Assessment Results

Now you’ve finished the assessment, let’s review the results. It’s important for you to make a note of the raw emotions and beliefs you experienced when asking each question.

Everyone’s results will be different. Since their results are based on their personal mask at that point in time. The goal is to become aware of your hotspots so you can implement a correction.

Identify any traits, habits or beliefs that are no longer serving you.

Remember your beliefs and habits are helping you thrive or die and it’s your choice.

Turn your lowest scores into a checklist of tasks that you can set goals around. Everytime I do this assessment I find new systems I can implement into my life to help me thrive.

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