(Integromat) Integration

This post explains the options with connecting with

Getting your API Key:

When you setup your Scenario you will need your BehaviorSales API key. This provides access to your BehaviorSales account via our API.

  • Important note is that you have an ACTIVE subscription plan along with credit AUTORELOAD on. This ensures if your Scenario uses your allocated credits it can reload automatically to prevent your Scenario failing.

Where do I get my API Key?

You can obtain your Behavior Sales API key within the My Profile section of your account.

  • Access your API key using this link: Behavior Sales
  • My Profile (Left Menu) > API Tab (Center Tab Menu)
  • Click the CREATE API KEY Button
  • Enter Scenario as the Api Key name to help you understand how or where you are using the different API keys with you app. choose never as expiry option.

  • Click the verify button

  • COPY your api key. Make sure you keep this safe someone where as you will have to RECREATE the api if you lose this key. For security reasons you can only access this API key one time.
  • Paste this API Key Secret into the Scenario App Api Key box when it asks you. This will then allow you to connect your Scenario to Behavior Sales platform.

Got Questions

post your questions below and let our team help you integrate your account.