Limiting Beliefs


The little-known truth about limiting beliefs is this. Your beliefs or rules in which you live are the perspectives in which you view the world. Most of the beliefs that you live by were created when you were a 5-year-old child.

That’s right, your beliefs and perspectives were created by your 5-year-old self as a protection mechanism not to get hurt by the world. These beliefs were never designed to rule your entire life.

Most people never take the time to realign their beliefs. As a result, we run around being subconsciously and consciously controlled by our 5-year-old selves. Scary thought, right?

We all have limiting beliefs that hold us back from what we want.

They rob us of a rich and meaningful life. My Grandmother would constantly share her beliefs with the world and impose them on her daily life. You could tell what her beliefs were because it
started with the statement “As a rule…”.

Yet, these “rules” as they were known would commonly be created from one experience, good or bad. This is like thinking that because you made a mistake once you’re going to repeat that mis-
take every time in the future. That sounds crazy, right?

How many rules are you living by without even realizing it?

Think of these rules as the subconscious programming that runs your life. The reasons why you do things a certain way without even questioning it.

Rules when resetting your beliefs.

  1. Don’t go on a witch hunt.
  2. Awareness creates change.
  3. Apply the Belief Reset Formula.

Resetting your beliefs is a never-ending process of constant awareness. It’s like layers to an onion or a constantly boiling pot.

For example, one of my beliefs was that confrontation is scary and I’ll get yelled at and hurt, so it’s best to avoid an argument or heated conversation. I would take this so far to run from any situation that would create anxiety or stress. I would quit jobs, I would drive hours out of my way to avoid someone or something that created anxiety. Can you relate to this?

It wasn’t until I read the book “The Obstacle is the Way” did I realize that this belief was not putting me in charge. It was one of the reasons why every two years I was resetting my life. This was not getting me what I wanted. This became a loop where I was getting this payoff of not being hurt but I was not also getting what I wanted because I would avoid any form of confrontation.

Even positive confrontation (that’s right, now all confrontation has to be negative. Just because it’s a tough or difficult conversation doesn’t make it something you need to avoid) would give me the success I really wanted. Confrontation is just a conversation and it’s difficult conversations that get you closer to the success you really want.

This is one of the reasons why after being robbed in Barcelona, Spain I ended up at a tattoo parlor. Where I proceeded to get a tattoo of a bull with the phrase “be bullish”. It was a constant reminder to stand strong and don’t run. Push through the challenge and the reward will be on the other side, regardless of how tough, hard, or challenging it is.

As a result of this “Be Bullish” approach I’ve had some of the biggest breakthroughs in my life. I’m grateful for constantly becoming aware of my beliefs and being able to reset them. Ensuring my
subconscious actions are in alignment with conscious goals and desires.

For example, you might make a list of the people you need to speak with to create a sale. But when it comes time for you to pick up the phone to make a call to speak with them you avoid it like
the plague. Or you avoid sending that email because there is something else that suddenly is more important. Become aware of the excuses you make for not taking the action you need to

Belief Reset Formula

When resetting your beliefs, here is the Belief Reset Formula.

When addressing your beliefs you need to have a strategy to approach and reset. Without this, you may bring awareness without any ability to change or reset the belief.

The more vivid and visceral you can make the awareness of the belief the more motivation you have to change the belief. Remember some of the beliefs or reasons for their creation will be funny. Saying it out loud will help you bring conscious awareness.

Belief Reset Formula is about the questions you need to ask when you identify a belief. Answering these questions will help you create a strategy to reset them.

  1. Do I know an exception to this?
  2. Is this helpful or limiting my life?
  3. Is this putting me in charge?
  4. What would a coach tell me to do?

Do I know an exception to this?

The goal here is to identify an exception to this belief in your life.

Where is this not true, who has achieved the success, wealth, happiness, or fitness goals that you want?

For example, if your belief is “I’m not smart enough to be successful.” What dumb successful people do you know? It’s ok to name names here as the more you can visualize people the more likely you are to reset your belief. Where or what are you smart, or knowledgeable about?

This is how you define exceptions to this belief and it’s the exceptions that provide you the leverage needed to reset them.

Is this helpful or limiting my life?

Assess if this belief is currently helping you or if is it limiting your life experiences in some way.

Most of the time you will find that your beliefs are limiting you in some way. Limiting you from authentically connecting with people to experience joy for example. Limiting you from obtaining
the success you desire.

Is this putting me in charge?

Is this belief putting you in charge or is it giving the power to someone, or something else?

What would a coach tell me to do?

If you had a coach what would they tell you to do in this situation?

What actions would they tell you to take?

Belief Reset Game #1

Now that you know the belief reset rules and have a strategy to change your beliefs, let’s identify some internal and external beliefs.


The internal belief game is true or false. When you read this statement out loud write down any thoughts you have about the statement after you say it. It will help you start to peel back the onion to

identify your core beliefs. You might notice that when you say a statement you make reasons in your head to justify your belief.

What is your 5-year-old child telling you?

Yes, I want you to write in this book!

Just think of that belief for a minute. Who told you you can’t write in your books? When did you say it’s ok to only read and not take notes while you’re reading? When did you determine that it’s ok to read now and take action later? I can promise you that by taking action now you will make more progress in resetting your beliefs than just reading this book.

Email me a photo of you taking action here and I’ll send you exclusive training to help you reset these beliefs! Email me at and reply to you ASAP.

___________________ I haven’t decided to be fully alive and en-
gaged in life for the rest of my life
___________________ I need to be right in most circumstances
______________ I have unresolved issues with friends and family
__________________ I am not clear on my deepest core values
___________________ I am addicted or attached to substances,
people, or behaviors
__________________ I am currently living a big lie, and most people
don’t know it
_______________ It’s hard to see myself as massively successful
_______ I have financial problems or other major lifestyle concerns
_________ I am missing key, empowering relationships in my life
___________________ My needs are not being met by people in my
life, but I help them meet theirs
___________________ My thoughts are most often about myself
and my own well-being
___________________ I feel like life works out so well for others,
but not for me
_________ I have not had access to the same resources as others
_________ Successful people succeed because they trick people
______________________________________ I am under a lot of stress
___________________ feel anxiety often when in social settings
________________ I feel anxiety when asking clients for money
_______ I don’t take care of myself or my health the way I should


This game is a fill-in-the-blank. Try not to filter your answers. Right them exactly as that 5-year-old voice in your head says it.

When I see someone confidently living with others, I think they must be__________
When I encounter someone with way more money than me, I assume they__________
If someone appears to be in an extremely satisfying relationship, I think they probably __________
When I see ads online promising to deliver the results I want, my initial reaction is __________
When someone gives me advice I know I need, my initial reaction is to__________
If someone is getting more attention than me in a business meeting, my reaction is to assume they __________
If someone is more socially skilled than I am, they probably ________
When I see someone confidently ask for money, my reaction is usually to think __________
When I encounter someone with more status than mine, my reaction is to__________
If I meet people who compliment me, I __________
If someone tells me I’m not charging enough money, I __________

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