I don't agree with this result

educating myself on the BS platform this weekend and noted my personality type as a Dove? I don’t agree with this result. Could the personality type be flawed as I did plagiarize some of my LI profile content? Can you rerun this report using my email address to compare results?

Can you rerun this report using my email address to compare results?

Our email lookup finds a match on LinkedIn for your email account and would then run your LinkedIn profile. So if the source of the data LinkedIn is incorrect even running the email match will produce the same result. What you can do is run a profile on text using emails you have sent to people where you wrote the email.

The other option is completing the Two Question personality test redirecting...

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What I’ve learned is that personality
traits of a person change based on
a multitude of factors. I realize that
the analysis will produce different
results depending on whether it’s
the written word or spoken word.

It’s necessary to know who wrote
the text. Was the LinkedIn description
written by someone else? Something
to take into consideration. Use an
email address and an email written
by the person you want to analyze.

I now have a great way to eliminate
doubt about whether the profiling
results will be accurate.

My question is: What method(s)
are the most accurate for profiling
a person? Email, video, text or

I don’t agree with my result either. I tried to use the linkedin url for another shot at the 2 question and it never generated so I don’t know what it would say about my profile from it. The questions I originally answered where different than what is there now.

I think you are referring to what we refer to as the Two Question Quiz. redirecting... this was something we had setup for a promotional piece and updating it to apply the latest reports we have with this.