How to Create Your AskAlex Account

This document explains how to create your AskAlex account.

  1. Visit Ask Alex AI and click the login button on the top right of the page.

OR Use the direct link to log in -

  1. Create your account.

  2. Choose a plan.

  3. You can enter the coupon code provided on the checkout page and this will apply your discount code on creation.

  1. Enter Promotion Code


  1. Click Apply Code to apply the Promotional code to your account.

  1. Total Updated, and complete the rest of the information to activate your account. You will need to click the subscribe button, after you have entered the rest of the payment information even though there is no charge on your account.

This will create your AskAlex account and allow you to start activating your AskAlex AI’s

Your account will be set up and activated within 20 seconds and display this screen.

  • This will allow you to start creating your AskAlex.

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