How to create a Pre-Call Brief

Pre Call Brief

Remember success is not about spending weeks crafting sales presentations or using one-size fits all sales pitches… it’s about focusing on finding how to approach prospects that convert and makes money for you!

So, let’s do that…

  1. Navigate to the “Pre Call Brief” tab in the left menu bar or select the “Pre Call Brief” button on the right side of the screen.

  1. Create your first Pre-Call Insights Brief. Select any one of the following info: Email, Twitter profile URL, LinkedIn profile URL, or Load 300 characters for full personality analysis of your prospect.

  1. Review their personality assessment result.


That’s it! Simple. Easy. Done.

Here’s the Insights report summary.

  1. Inside the report, you will see the Bird Explainer, how to Connect to your prospect, a cheat sheet, DISC, and OCEAN personality types.

  1. Activate your Behavior Sales account to get access to every behavioral intelligence tool we have including Post-Call Analysis, Pitch Analyzer, Objection Handler, etc.

No more wondering what you are up against.

You WILL have more strategic and successful sales conversations.

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