How Personality Improves Sales Conversions?


Now you should understand the four personality types and how to detect them. You should be able to identify the four different birds, and most importantly you should know what your personality type is.

Every conversation is framed by your ability to interact with the different personality types. Your ability to deliver your message in the most effective way for that person to hear it. Now you understand how the different birds need to hear the message for it to mean something to them.

You should understand the different layers of personality and how we are all wearing different masks in different situations. Even when we are pretending we aren’t wearing a mask.

But how can understanding personality types improve your sales conversations to improve your success, wealth, and happiness?

Let me explain several strategies you implement right now based on the different stages of your sales process.

Personality-Based Lead Generation.

1. Convert your emails into Predictive Behavior Insights to segment your list.

When you generate leads online you collect an email address. Using the Behavior Insights system ( you can convert this email address into a predictive personality report. This report would allow you to predict with confidence based on their social media profiles what a person’s external mask is. This would allow you to then segment your list based on personality.

Segmenting your lead outreach into the four personality types would allow you to craft unique messages and call to action based on each personality type. Yes, this requires you to define 4 types of emails or calls to action but by creating this you will improve your sales conversions.

2. Personalize your outreach messages

Every time I personalize my outreach messaging to a certain personality type I improve my response rates.

Look, I understand that we live in a world of constant distraction. Remember focus is currency. If I can’t captivate focus from our first interaction the probability of my message being ignored is high. Therefore, taking a few minutes to personalize your message to a specific personality type before you send it can improve your response rates. Which helps you facilitate more conversations.

How do I do this at scale?

Let me give you the steps we take when using LinkedIn for example to segment our message based on personality type.

Step 1. Create a LinkedIn lead list.
This is where I search for the type of people I’m looking to connect with. For example, I might be wanting to target Sales Managers of a specific size company. You can do this within your free
LinkedIn account. This type of search can produce a list of up to 1,000 people.

Step 2. Copy the Lead list into Behavior Insights
This is where Behavior Insights will analyze the list of leads I created in step 1 and segment them into their 4 personality types.

Step 3. Personalize the outreach message.
I craft my invitation message to these people on Linkedin using the contextual framing of what’s most important to that personality type. By doing this we usually see acceptance rates of this personalized outreach of 25% or more.

Step 4. Upload segmented list to campaign tool.
There are various campaign tools you can use like PhantomBuster ( to automate the outreach process. This allows me to upload the lists with the personalized message and it will complete the outreach process and send the first message for me.

I like to include a personalized image or video that I’ve created for this campaign. This is not me personalizing each video for each person. But just creating a personalized video for that personality type. If you want to learn more about this type of lead generation process I speak more about this and many others inside the 5X Sales Coaching program

3. Segment OUT a personality type.

You may not want to work with a certain type of personality. Look, I understand the challenge of working with everyone. Some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in business were trying to please everyone and help everyone. When you are trying to please everyone it’s usually at the expense of your personal happiness and success.

If you look at your sales conversions there will be a certain personality type that you struggle to convert. Or work with if you also handle the product fulfillment. Therefore, why don’t you identify this personality type and segment them out from your marketing & sales process as early as possible?
Have you thought about what personality style your current marketing (website, brochures, presentations) resonates with?

What most people fail to notice is the person that created the website or presentation created it from the lens of their personality style. Yet, the salesperson presenting could be an opposite personality style for which there is an internal struggle with the messaging.

Yes, you can use the Sales Pitch Analyzer ( to analyze your sales pitch to give you insights into which personality your sales pitch is resonating with. It also explains how you’re subconsciously sabotaging yourself.

Sales Killer Sales Myth
There is a sales myth that “if they breathe they are a lead”. But this is a mistake that broke salespeople repeat to stay busy. Successful salespeople target their best clients and continue to enhance their relationships with their best type of clients and everyone is best suited to each offer.

“Busy does not mean profitable…”

Being busy does not mean you are profitable. There are a lot of people out there hustling that belief saying “Yes” to everything is how you create success. But this is only partially true. Saying “Yes” to the things that move you closer to your goals and “No” to the things that don’t.

Broke salespeople don’t use “No” powerfully. Instead of telling a lead/client they aren’t a fit and respecting them as a person they’ll force a sale that is not a good fit. Instead of telling a client “No” this is out of scope they just do the task which ends up destroying their trust and authority. Therefore, causing a negative buying experience. Which ends up causing more problems later for all parties and impacts your reputation.

The best action you can take is to get clear on who and what you are saying “No” to. Which personality types don’t you like working with?

Working with the Behavior Sales team we can analyze your clients to determine what’s the personality type of each of your client. And within that what are the personality traits of your top 10 clients?

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