Focus is Currency!

Focus is Currency!

Your wealth and success will be determined by your ability to captivate and lead focus. Without that, you’re destined to follow others and get frustrated when you don’t get what you want out of life.

There is a micro-commitment generation caused by our addiction to technology and social media. I admit that I find myself constantly refreshing my emails every few minutes. Or subconsciously loading social media to see how many notifications I’ve got.

My email addiction gets sent into overdrive every time I get an “online sale” notification of a new payment. It’s a sensation like nothing else. In fact, I’d rather experience that than any other drugs or alcohol.

The problem is you can be people ignorant, yet captivate focus for your 15 seconds of fame in today’s world of instant gratification. But fail to lead that focus to something meaningful like generating a sale. We even have a world of social media influencers whose entire business model is built around harnessing influence over others. Yet, many fail to understand the economics of turning this into a growing business.

Just look at what stops your scroll for 3 seconds or more next time you’re on social media. Your focus aka “attention” is captivated for a few seconds. But are you compelled to take action or just continue scrolling?

As a communicator and salesperson, it’s your sole responsibility to captivate and lead focus. You need to be constantly captivating focus and leading your audience to keep their focus on you.

Can you captivate focus?

Can you lead people to do what you want?

Have you ever watched a good magician?

They know how to engage and captivate your focus at all times. They lead your focus to look one way while they’re setting up the trick on the other side of the stage.

Let me explain a sales myth that causes many salespeople to fail.

Have you ever had a lead that when you called them they weren’t interested anymore?

This is the core of the myth. The lead was interested at the point in time they completed the lead form. At that point in time, you had the focus of the lead. But between then and when you made contact the four villains of sales attacked your lead.

The four villains of focus are as follows:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Belief
  4. Need

These four villains start attacking your lead the minute they take action. By the time you make contact, you have to deal with all of them in their various mental states. Remember that every human is really a primitive animal and we respond to things using our primitive animal instincts.

Our animal brain is making decisions with 3 primary objectives:

  1. How do I not get kicked out of the pack?
  2. How do I reproduce?
  3. How do I satisfy my basic needs? Food, water, shelter.

Let me unpack this for a minute.

When you call the lead, you get with, “I don’t have the time right now.” And this is when most people collapse and walk away because they failed to lead and take control of the call.

Your response to this could be “I know you don’t have time right now, I only work with people who are busy and take rapid action. But do you have 30 seconds for me to help you gain an instant benefit that helps you [biggest pain]. So when I call you back later today you know exactly how to get [intended result]?”

No one will make time for you unless you captivate their focus and attention. They need to know why should I pay attention to you now, why can I trust you, and are you going to get me kicked out of the tribe?

There are many ways you can handle this conversation. This is only one possible suggestion. We talk about these scripts and sales conversations inside the 5X Your Sales Coaching Program. If you want to learn more about that visit

Yes, you need to captivate the attention of your leads and clients. Even when you have sold a client you should review what you’re doing each month to captivate their focus even when they have stopped working with you.

What are you doing to captivate their focus and lead them into another experience?

These are the types of strategies that we speak about inside the 5X Your Sales Coaching program


Here is the secret to instant trust and authority with any type of sale.

People want to follow the leader. People need to be led “just like a dog on a leash” and people need to know that you’re the person that’s going to lead them. They need to know that you have a plan to get them to their destination safely. This means that when you start a conversation you need to start confidently with authority.

For example, using body language for persuasion you could within the first few seconds flash your eyebrows. This is raising them slightly. This is a non-intimidating action to show you are friendly. Which will cause the person you’re speaking to raise their eyebrows back at you. This is done subconsciously and instantly puts you in a position of control. Because the person is mirroring you. If the person responds to your eyebrow flash it’s an indicator that you can influence them.

The way you start a call is the way you end a call. That means if you start the call confidently and in control, you’re more likely to finish the call confidently. Within the first 60 seconds of your pitch, you need to introduce yourself, set the agenda, and create a timeframe. By doing so you display your control and have a plan. Refer to the Million Dollar Sales Script referenced in this book.

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