Determining Personality Styles by Email

Determining Personality Styles by Email

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How Each Type of Buyer Responds to Cold Outreach

The Eagle “D” Buyer**

  • This customer will be standoffish and to the point they will reply in a way that triggers you, making you feel like you need to hurry up and make the sale.
  • Typically, the higher your buyer is in the organizational structure, the stronger their D personality traits.

The Peacock “I” Buyer

  • This customer will likely agree to talk if you’re asking good questions that will make them want to open up. If you ask an open-ended question, they’ll likely spend three or more minutes giving you a wordy, expressive answer.
  • As long as you continue to ask questions and make them feel heard, rather than talking about yourself and you’re the solution, you’ll be able to continue the conversation.

The Dove “S” Buyer

• Persistence pays off with the S customer, especially if you catch them on the phone. Typically, they will be agreeable and willing to set a meeting, because they won’t want to hurt your feelings.
• Keep in mind that, ultimately, this person is not likely to be the decision maker.

The Owl “C” Buyer

  • This customer will be short and concise in their reply, often using facts and data. They might be difficult to get on the phone.
  • You will need to send thoughtfully crafted, powerful, high-quality questions to get more than one-word answers.

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