Detecting Your Buyer’s Personality Style

Detecting Your Buyer’s Personality Style

What you will soon discover is when you can determine the personality type of your leads, and clients you can predict their motivations and stressors. This information can support you in personalizing your sales conversation to improve your ability to authentically connect. Using this information correctly should result in improving your sales conversions.

This is why I created the Behavior Sales platform to help you predict personality styles by converting an email address into a personality profile with Behavior Insights. Then using Sales Insights to analyze your conversations to discover hidden opportunities to close deals faster.

The Eagle “D” Customer

• How they appear: Fast-paced, outspoken, questioning, and skeptical.
• Top priority: Getting practical, concrete results that affect the bottom line.
• Wants to: Implement quickly.
• Wants you to: Be confident, capable, and able to deliver quickly. You should be able to demonstrate that you know your business well.

The Peacock “I” Customer

• How they appear: Optimistic, energized, and talkative.
• Top priority: Building enthusiasm and seeking options that are fun, engaging, and exciting.
• Wants to: Take dynamic adventures and jump on exciting opportunities.
• Wants you to: Establish a strong relationship with them. You should be interested in their lives, while also sharing a personal side of yourself.

The Dove “S” Customer

• How they appear: Patient, agreeable, and even-tempered.
• Top priority: Sincerity, patience, kindness, genuine concern, and empathy.
• Wants to: Be heard and develop a trusting relationship with their salesperson.
• Wants you to: Connect with them and build trust. Assure them that you and your offering are reliable and dependable.

The C Customer
• How they appear: Analytical & reserved, and mindful.
• Top priority: Understanding the details and getting as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision and pick the highest-quality option.
• Wants to: Be certain they’re making a wise choice and that you’re reliable.
• Wants you to: Be highly competent. You should be an expert in your solution and offer proof, evidence, and, if possible, guarantees.

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