Destroy Limiting Beliefs


This is all about destroying self-limiting beliefs. You’ll have to work on it continuously because your beliefs will always be evolving. You have to be constantly asking the right questions about your beliefs.

Are your beliefs limiting you or empowering you?

There have been several things I’ve done throughout my life and the training that I’ve been doing allowed me to hack my beliefs, create new beliefs, and rapidly reset beliefs.

So I’m going to guide you through some of those processes and give you a lot to think about. This will be very informative, very instructive, and will get you thinking a lot about what’s going on.

Read through the details and you may want to read this multipletimes. Because the more you process these thoughts and ask yourself these questions, you’ll find yourself getting deeper and
deeper into your awareness and your beliefs.

Overcoming Fear or Anxiety in 3 Seconds

This is what I call the “three-second rule.” It’s similar to the 5-second rule when you drop food on the floor. But applies to what scares you. When I’m scared or have a fear about something it could be as simple as making a phone call or riding a rollercoaster.

I realize that momentum aka positive action beats most fears.

Therefore, get yourself moving in a positive manner towards the fear and you’ll overcome it. Fear has a way of causing a fight or flight response. For most people, it’s a flight response or a stuck feeling that creates overwhelm. I can remember that some thoughts would loop in my brain and I’d just feel stuck.

If you are anything like me, making cold calls or approaching people you don’t know can be daunting. Some people will likely be scared to make phone calls and literally get stuck holding the phone. Or they’ll get stuck dialing in the pad.

We just need to remember three seconds to overcome a fear no matter what it was. This is why I like to use a dialer when making phone calls. It will automatically dial the list of numbers I want to call. Therefore, I don’t get stuck trying to dial the phone number. If you don’t want to get stuck on the dial pad. Just breathe and dial the first number.

I used to be scared of roller coasters. When I was young, I wasn’t scared. And then at some point in the last few years, I kind of had a fear of roller coasters or any ride like that. And my wife loves
going on them.

The thing is I had to remember it takes three seconds. I’d say to myself, three seconds, just take the step, get in line, stay in line, don’t leave the line. I’d play these mini-games for me to get on
the ride and get on the seat. It just takes a moment and before I know it I’m strapped in and laughing at the experience.

It takes three seconds to overcome any fear. And the success that you want is on the other side of most fears. So don’t stop at the fear. You want to go through it.

And if you think three seconds; 1, 2, 3.

That could be approaching somebody, asking somebody out, making a phone call, having an uncomfortable conversation. It’s the first three seconds. It’s asking that hard question, which is always
the hardest part. Just always remember, it’s three seconds toovercome any fear. In momentum, action trumps everything.

If you can get yourself into action, get clear on the small action steps you’ve got to take. And if you can work out how, it can be like a domino effect. You can overcome any fear and self-limiting belief that you have relatively quickly. Don’t that Villian you created rob you of success.

For example, when I’m going for a ride at 6 am how do I empower myself the night before to create a win?

I fill my water bottles and put them on the seat beside the door.

So it’s one less thing I have to worry about. One less than that allows me to procrastinate use it as an excuse. I’ll make my shake and put it in the fridge. I lay the clothes I need in the bathroom so it’s easier for me to get dressed, and get out the door.

For you, it could be going to the gym. What small actions can you take to support yourself to create a win?

List out actions you can take to support creating small wins:

Past You, Present You, Future You

You exist in three realities. There is a future you, a past you and a present you. Think of your Present You like your personal butler to your future success.

I do a lot of stuff to help my future self win in the situation. For example you might hear me say “future Ben is going to love this.” This is what I’m doing in the present to ensure my future is better.

Look, you can’t change the past. All we can do is learn from it and embrace the lessons. Understand what actions we could have taken that could have changed the outcome. Therefore when we are presented with the situation again we can be better prepared to handle it.

Your current reality is a reflection your past actions. Therefore your future reality can be changed based on the actions you take in the present.

Here’s how I support myself to win when I’m cycling early in the morning. Yes, that means I need to walk up while it’s dark and cold to get on the road while it’s dark and cold. I know there are two
villains at play, that are sabotaging my enjoyment. One is the couch and the other is playing on my phone.

If you can declare what/who your villains are that your fighting against. If you remove the shame something has over you. You remove the power and control they have over you in the moment.

Therefore the easier it can be for you to win in the situation.

When I have to leave at 5.30 to go riding, how do I create a win while battling my villains?

I used to always worry about not waking up, or being late for a group ride. This means that I would not sleep well as I would constantly wake up in a panic thinking I would be late. Therefore how can I ensure I get a good night sleep? I realized I need to set two alarms not just one. This acts as a backup encase I miss the first one, but it also allows me to keep myself on track. The second alarm can be used as reminder to leave the house.

I use this approach when I travel as well. Anytime I was flying I would have a terrible night sleep because I was worried about

missing the flight. Then I learned this two alarm secret which allowed me to relax and not worry about missing an alarm. The anxiety of missing my flight would prevent me from getting a good night sleep.

But back to the morning routine to create a win. Now I have these two alarms set they help me wake up on time. I also use my butler Ben to create a win. The night before Butler Ben get’s busy on
preparing for future wins. What does Butler Ben do?

Butler Ben fills the water bottles and puts them at the door. Butler Ben prepares the clothes I’m going to wear and puts them in the bathroom. This way when I’m at my weakest, I’ve removed the
little obstacles that prevent me from winning.

I’m trying to remove all the hurdles that slow me down and stop me from getting to where I want, which is out on my bike. When I realized that I have a success butler, I was able to experience more success and joy in my life.

Because the “YOU”, that’s you later today or tomorrow. Needs your help to be successful. Therefore what are you doing to be a butler for your success?

Think of “YOU” as the butler for your future success.

If the Current You is the butler of your future success, what would you be doing differently to support your future success?

When I’m having a sales call I have a script with the list of questions I need to ask. This ensures I’m prepared and allows me to take relevant notes that allows me to be successful in the conversation. Unsuccessful salespeople will approach conversations without a script, without a clear objective and then wonder why they didn’t close a deal.

When I’m outlining the tasks I need to get done, I break them down into the smallest elements. Then I get my assistant to help me take action and keep momentum. If there are parts that I struggle with I get my assistant to help me get tasks completed. I work out which tasks or parts of the tasks can I, or do I need to delegate. This allows me to get more things done.

Your task management can become a butler for how you’re handling success.

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