Designing Your Sales Identity

Designing Your Sales Identity

What is your sales identity?

When you sit down at your phone, what beliefs do you have? How do you feel emotionally? What habits or thoughts do you have?

Or if you’ve got a headset when you’re at the computer?

What beliefs do you have? How do you feel emotionally? What habits or thoughts do you have?

What’s the persona you put on?

Are you putting on the needy salesman who has a hard time closing and getting stuck on objections?

Or are you putting on the identity like Clark Kent or Superman puts on identity and allows you to go, you know what, I can successfully connect with people and identify opportunities to help them unlock exactly what they want.

No objection scares me because they can all be answered.

If you’ve read the previous chapters of this book you have the tools to become a master salesperson. By identifying with personality types you can transform your communication.

When you create an identity that you can step into. It allows you to take on that persona and pull it in. Like how I dealt with all of my phone calls when I’m in sales.

My sales persona is J.P. J.P is so good at what he does his name is just initials.

I put on this persona, this identity of someone who’s confident, someone who’s got empathy. Someone who connects with people, someone who makes people laugh, and someone who’s not afraid to ask top dollar for the services they offer. Because they can identify and find opportunities. Opportunities of a lifetime every single day of the week.

And when I’m in that persona, I look for and find opportunities of a lifetime every single day of the week.

So one of the things I challenge you to do is define “Your Sales Identity.”

Name it! That’s right, give your sales persona (alter ego) a name.

Every sales identity can also have a villain because your villain sits there to rob you of success. Your villain’s constantly trying to sabotage you. One of the things you want to do is take the name ofyour villain, minimize it and add humor.

My villain, I call Mikey. Mikey is this tiny little guy who sounds like a chipmunk and wears a tutu skirt and Mikey sitting there trying to keep me from achieving my success. Mikey is constantly doing this like trying to keep me stuck in procrastination.

Mikey would rather I get stuck watching Netflix or scrolling social media. Rather than reading a book, or making calls to connect with people. Mikey doesn’t want me to do what’s most important. Mikey wants me to relax and have a glass of wine. Mikey is happy thinking about the deal that might close. Rather than closing the deal and getting the money in the bank.

Mikey also likes to spend money that’s not in the bank yet. Mikey is an expensive little guy who wants the latest and shiniest toys for his fragile little ego.

Mikey is nagging me at 6 am instead of getting ready to go for a ride. To open Facebook and look at what others are doing. Mikey is telling me how cold it is outside and it’s still dark out there.

You’ll hear me say things like “Not today Mikey.” I am not gonna let Mikey win today. Because it’s my job to connect with people and create the conversions and sales that I need. It’s my job to enjoy my life and allow myself to experience true joy. I know the days that I ride my bike are days where I perform at my best. Because I’ve created a win for myself first thing in the morning.

And now I have taken my sales identity. I’ve created a persona that I can step into.

That’s what we’re talking about, personality by design.

Designing a personality that empowers me. Rather than letting

that seven-year-old child still rule my life. All because that seven year-old child is trying to not get hurt.

So I challenge you to define your sales identity.

What are the traits of your sales persona?

What do they have?

Who are you modeling?

Are you trying to model The Rock? Are you trying to model Grant Cardone? Are you trying to model Oprah? Who are you trying to model?

It’s ok to create a monster personality where you take the best parts of different people and merge them into your identity.

That’s why it’s called personality by design. You need to design every element of this personality. You will want to update it from time to time.

Don’t worry I’ll show you how to activate this new identity.

Make sure you also define your villain.

Who or what are you fighting against?

Who’s trying to rob you of achieving that success? It may be your procrastination villain. If that’s something you struggle with, name it, give it a name, make it humorous and make it enjoyable because now you’ve got a battle that you can fight against.

Define who you’re fighting against. And you’ll be surprised at how defining your villain will help you improve your confidence. How does your Sales Identity close deals?

How does your sales persona feel when they close a deal?

What does your sales villain do when you’re trying to close a deal?

For example, if you collapsed on price and felt unworthy. That’s what your villain is doing to sabotage you. Therefore, what action do you need to take to prevent your villain from winning?

Because when a lot of people get to the closing point, in any conversation, they collapse. And one of the things you want to avoid is collapsing. Because if you collapse in the close, you’ve lost all
authority, you’ve lost trust. You’ve probably pretty much lost the deal, or you’re doing a deal that you shouldn’t be doing in the first place.

For example, have you ever done a deal where you collapsed on price? You started negotiating with yourself and offering discounts for no reason.

Many sports star celebrities all have a persona they step into. Alternative identities they use to capitalize on opportunities. If it works for them why can’t you make it work for you? See what I did
there? I helped you to find an exception for your existing belief therefore you freely replace it.

Tell me about your Sales Identity and Sales Villain!

Email and tell me about the identity you created and the villain you’re fighting against.

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