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This hypnosis activity is for anyone who feels like they lack the confidence to sell their product or service. If you’d like to take back control over your happiness, confidence, and the way people perceive you in sales or any other field, you can do it!

First off, I want to acknowledge that it’s difficult not to be confident in front of people that are buying your product or service.

It’s normal to feel some level of fear when it comes to selling. Everyone feels this way at one point or another.

Visualizations and affirmations can help your brain feel comfortable in situations where you’re nervous. It rewires the neurons in your brain to create new spaces where you can feel confident.

However, it’s important to remember that this is not a quick fix. It takes time and dedication with these visualization techniques before you’ll start feeling confident in most situations - but don’t
give up!

Remember though, practice makes perfect. The more often you implement these techniques, the faster they’ll start working - but it takes time. You need to dedicate yourself to changing your
mindset before you’ll start feeling more confident.

Thousands of people have used these techniques and achieved great success, so I know you can do it too! I know that if you try these techniques you’ll achieve complete success.

Hypnosis Activity

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If you are reading this, you will want to visualize these steps while reading it. Or repeat the steps yourself after you have read the full hypnosis.

Make sure you’re in a safe space for the next few minutes while you complete this hypnosis for instant confidence.

This will help you create instant confidence that allows you to at tract the happiness, success, and wealth you desire into your life.

This is a guide where you just need to follow along as you enter a sleep-like trance that unlocks your subconscious to reset your confidence. You can come back to this at any point in time and
each time, you will feel more confident and happy than before.

Make sure you’re relaxed. Take a deep breath - in and out. Now close your eyes. Take another deep breath, in and out.

I want you to visualize in front of you a staircase that’s going down 10 steps. You can see the stairs are lit and it feels comfortable, warm, and inviting.

Visualize yourself taking the first step down the staircase. And each step you take, you find your body getting more relaxed than ever before.

You feel the top of your head starting to relax as your foot hits step number nine. You notice your neck starting to relax and all tension starting to release and let go.

As you step on step eight, your shoulders relax and all the tensionyou’ve been holding just starts releasing and is no longer there.

As you take each step, I want you to take a deep breath and let it out.

Step seven. Take a deep breath - in and out.

Step six. Take a deep breath - in and out.

As you step onto Step five, you feel a sense of peace wash over your body, starting from your toes, up to your legs, to your hips, to your fingertips to the skin on the top of your head.

As you step onto step four, you feel yourself entering a sleep state and going twice as deep as you were before.

As you step onto step three, you go twice as deep, twice as relaxed.

That’s right, you’re doing it perfectly.

That’s exactly what it’s meant to be. Keep going, keep going.

Step two puts you into a deep, peaceful sleep.

As you step onto step one, you put your foot on this step and you start to smell your favorite fresh baked cookies, which makes you just smile.

As you put your foot under the floor, you notice that there is a desk in the center of the room you just entered. On this desk, there is a dial of zero to 10.

Walk up to this dial and put your hand on the dial. It feels warm to the touch. You notice that this dial is currently set at your current confidence level.

What I want you to do now, before you move the dial, is visualize a time in your life when you felt confident. Lock that moment into your mind’s eye.

Notice how you feel at that moment. Notice the joy. Notice your breathing. Notice that sense of confidence that’s just taking over your body.

Now that you have that moment in your mind, I want you to prepare to turn that dial to 10. But before we do that, I want you to visualize people who have the level of confidence that you want
to have.

Visualize the traits and how they express their confidence and how you want to mirror that and what that could feel like for you.

Now as you’ve got your hand on the dial, I want you to turn that dial to 10 and you feel a sense of overwhelming confidence and joy washing your body. As it washes over your body, you feel like
you are really eating peaceful confidence, like nothing you have ever experienced before.

As you turn that dial all the way up to 10, you feel confident starting to ooze through your body.

You feel like opportunities are being attracted to you and you start to notice things that you’ve never noticed before.

You start to become aware of your surroundings and what’s going on in your body.

You notice that when you think of the people who have the confidence that you wanted to model, you feel as though you have the same if not more confidence energy than they do.

You notice on the top of the dial, there is a button that says locked in. I want you to push that button right now.

What that button has just done has locked in this confidence level.

So it cannot be reset, it will not go down. It’ll only increase and go up and feel more powerful.

You notice one last button on that desk, and it says Activate.

Don’t push it yet.

But when you do push this button, it’s going to search through your body for any emotional memories in your subconscious that contain fear, doubt, and uncertainty. And it will remove them from your memory to replace them with your new level of confidence. It’ll give you that sense of confidence in any situation where before you had emotional doubt.

This activate button puts your subconscious to work and resets everything you thought you knew about your confidence and replaces you with a new level 10 confidence.

Push this button to activate now.

And as you push that button, you feel every cell in your body come to life, like a light bulb in your body has been turned on for the first time.

Every time you touch your cell phone or your keys in the future, you’re going to feel your confidence reset to this level 10.

Now let’s leave this room knowing we will be back another time in the future.

As you put your foot on the first step, you feel confident in the balls of your feet that you never noticed before.

As you step on to step two, every cell in your body is starting to feel alive and you feel like you’re starting to radiate peaceful confidence.

Step three you’re taking a deep breath, and you notice how confident you feel and how that brings a smile to your face.

Step four.

Step five.

Step six, have you started to wake?

Step seven.

Step eight has you consciously aware of what’s going on in your surroundings.

Step nine, you’re almost at the top now.

Step 10. As you’re wide awake, and you feel confident, empowered, and happy.

Take a deep breath in and out and lock in this new feeling.

Take a new breath of the confidence that’s oozing out of you.

How does that feel?

How do you feel?

Email and let me know how you feel after completing this hypnosis activity.

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