Captivating Focus for Instant Results

Captivating Focus for Instant Results

The phrases that captivate focus can be used anywhere. For example, I use them when testing Facebook ads and most of the time they significantly increase the Click-Through-Rates (CTR). All I do is add these words to the start of the sentence. This is just one example of the difference captivating attention makes in communication. Focus is currency. Without focus, it’ll always cost you more.

Try using these phrases in your daily conversations or the next time you’re doing a presentation. Watch the audience’s response. You can also use these phrases in your online presentations as well.

47 podcast interviews booked in 72 hours!

I used these phrases when framing my pitch to podcast hosts to get on their podcasts. It resulted in 47 podcast interviews booked in the first 72 hours. This number is low but at the time of printing V1 of this book, I was still getting 7-10 new requests each day.

Everyone is looking to captivate focus and improve their influence over others either consciously or subconsciously. The easier you can make it for people to achieve this goal the more they will desire to connect with you. The secret to getting on any podcast is to make your content entertaining. The more entertaining and engaging you are, the more exposure you will get.

Most people suck at pitching. Pitching is like the Twitter version of sales. If you can’t explain what you do in a tweet that would get the focus of your audience, you’ve got a message-market-mismatch. This means you’ll spend more time and money to get the attention of your audience. How do you have engaging stories that can be told on podcasts or in your marketing materials?

This is why we micro-test our marketing message to ensure we captivate focus and have them clicking to want to know more. The good news is with $5 and 24 hours I can get this data which allows me to adjust my pitch. The alternative is spending weeks and lots of money creating content or products that no one is interested in.

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