Bird Personality Type (DOPE) Summary

Bird Explainer

Bird Personality Model was developed by Des Hunt and used to help people implement personality based communication styles. The Bird Personality Model is an expansion of the DISC model using birds as a memory tool for faster detection and understanding. Here is a summary of the four (4) main personality types.



Owls are thinkers. These quiet, conservative and reserved customers make slow and deliberate decisions. Their expressionless, poker faces give the impression of preoccupation with something else.

Motivated by procedures, information, rules and predictability, Owls become critical under pressure. With the mantra, “Fools rush in where wise men fear and tread”, Owls are systematic in their approach.



Doves are feelers. These shy, friendly and quiet customers are thoughtful and unobtrusive. Known for taking it slowly, Doves are open but bashful. When Doves hit a hurdle, they typically withdraw and become stubborn.

Motivated by acceptance, approval and belonging, Dove recognize the importance and value in having support around them. According to Doves, everyone has a role to play – we all need each other to get ahead.



Peacocks are talkers. These open, expressive and cheerful customers are fast, impulsive and visual characters. Outgoing, confident and friendly, Peacocks are warm and entertaining, which can become dramatic under pressure.

Motivated by recognition, applause and fame, Peacocks live by the mantra: “Hey, world – look at me!” Imaginative and noisy, Peacocks thrive when they can openly share their ideas and feelings.



Eagles are doers. These results-driven customers are quick to swoop when they know what they want. Confident and assertive, Eagles communicate in a strong voice, which becomes bossy under pressure.

Motivated by a challenge, action and competition, Eagles operate with a “winning is everything” attitude. Still, when push comes to shove, Eagles are straight shooters with a business-like approach in most situations.

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